Picking The Right Slot Machine – A Guide

Picking The Right Slot Machine – A Guide

Online slot machines are of various types. The rules, themes, symbols, etc., vary from website to website. However, not all of these machines have the same percentage return to player (RTP). Is there a way to choose the right online slot machines such that one can increase their winnings?

Winning on online slot machines takes dedication and patience. But these alone are not enough. There are some general tips and tricks that one can find all over the internet. This article, however, focuses on developing the knacks to choose the best slot machine.

A few strategies to pick a slot machine

  • Go with popular games

Websites/games that have been popular among experienced gamblers are easy to find. They are extensively featured in websites and blogs related to gambling. In most cases, popularity is a sign that the machines provide random and fair results and are reliable.

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  • Based on RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is a value that denotes what percentage of all the wagered money is paid back to the players. Players can select a good online slot machine based on this parameter.

One can Google the name of the game and search for its RTP. Pages that review gambling games also publish RTPs of popular games. A website that has an RTP greater than 96% is considered to be a good choice.

  • Slot volatility

Volatility refers to the risk factor involved in the game. An online slot can be of two kinds – less volatile or highly volatile. Those that have low volatility give winning combinations frequently. But their worth is generally not very high. On the other hand, those with high volatility have lesser odds. But if at all one strikes a winning combination, their pay is high.

Highly volatile games carry greater risk. One has to be patient until the elusive winning combination arrives. Those who cannot afford to spend a lot and are content with small but frequent wins can opt for less volatile slot games.

Who should choose progressive slots?

It can be tempting to play progressive slots. However, beginners must stay informed that progressive slots have some of the lowest RTPs among gambling games. Those on a limited budget are better off playing non-progressive slots.

A player must set limits for themselves and play accordingly. It is not wrong to take risks in gambling. But one has to take calculated risks. Sometimes, people tend to play too much due to the game’s thrill and end up losing all their money. Thus, the responsibility does not end with choosing the slot game – it must continue throughout the game.